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I know, I know. I’ve badly neglected this website for a long time now. I’m sorry – I was writing. And what I was writing has just been published…

After The Fire REPRINT cover

This is not, as will be obvious, a Department 19 novel. It’s something entirely new, and very different, for me at least. It’s a standalone YA novel, and (I think) it’s the best thing I’ve ever written.

It’s  a book about faith, and desperation, and manipulation, and control, and – ultimately – it’s about survival. And hope. Here’s the official synopsis:


The things I’ve seen are burned into me, like scars that refuse to fade…

Father John controls everything inside The Fence. And Father John likes rules. Especially about never talking to Outsiders. Because Father John knows the truth. He knows what is right, and what is wrong. He knows what is coming.

Moonbeam is starting to doubt, though. She’s starting to see the lies behind Father John’s words. She wants him to be found out.

What if the only way out of the darkness is to light a fire?


I talked about it on my new publisher Usborne’s website here

Keep an eye on the Waterstones blog for more about why I wrote it, and what the inspiration for the novel was…


It’s out now in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa and should be available in the rest of the world wherever books are sold in English. Translations and a US publication will hopefully follow later in the year.

Your local Waterstones, Foyles, WHSmith or independent bookshop should either have it or be able to order it in for you. And you can buy it online at the following places:


AmazonWaterstonesWHSmithFoylesHive / Kobo


There’s going to be a lot more happening over the summer, including events where I’ll be out and about talking about After The Fire. I’m also going to be totally revamping this website, simplifying it and making it easier for me to use more often, so I promise you that all news and detail will appear on this page…

Thank you all for your continued interest while I’ve been hidden away getting this new book ready – I appreciate every visit and comment, and I’m thrilled that so many people have been wondering what I was going to be doing next.

Now you know. And I can’t wait to hear what you think…



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