Zero Hour is done, and off to print…

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Happy Easter everyone! Or if you don’t celebrate Easter, Happy Bonus Days Off Work everyone!

So, almost exactly a year since I wrote its Prologue, the final files of DEPARTMENT 19: ZERO HOUR have been approved, the last tiny corrections and amends have been made, and sometime in the next ten days or so, someone will press a great big red button marked PRINT and copies of the fourth book in the D19 series will start rolling off an equally giant conveyor belt. You can click here for the blog I posted after I went to see The Rising being printed and bound – it’s quite a thing to see, I can promise you.

There are going to be several announcements over the next couple of weeks – an all-new Department 19 File (one that’s entirely FREE!) featuring one of the most popular characters in the series, and a lot of stuff about the publication of Zero Hour. But I wanted to just post up some pictures of the ZERO HOUR edit that took place over the winter – I did this last year, and a lot of people seemed to be interested (several other writers took up the baton and posted similar images – click on their names to see images fromĀ Adam Christopher, Kim Curran and Amy McCulloch) so I’m doing it again. I hope it shows how much work there is left to be done after a first draft is complete – and bear in mind that after this edit, there was a professional copyedit, a complete line-by-line edit, a professional proofread, and a final round of corrections. Typing THE END is really not even close to the truth :)

Anyway – here, reduced down to glorious 10% size, are the pages of ZERO HOUR after I had done my main edit on them, with changes showing in red. This followed structural notes and an in-depth edit by my editor, and was my opportunity to really dig back into the book and improve it, which we definitely did. By making more than 30,000 edits :)

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  • Nate Gardner
    April 18, 2014

    Congratulations on getting everything completed! I can’t wait for the opportunity to read this next installment! Good luck with number 5!

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