Department 19 gets animated

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In the summer, my UK publishers HarperCollins asked me to write a (very) short three-part D19 story that they could adapt into a series of animated graphic novels – we’ve done a lot of videos in the past, and they were keen to try and find a new way to bring the books to life visually. I’m a huge comic books fan, so I was delighted to write something, especially as I knew they were going to be realised by Tom Percival – author, artist, Skulduggery Pleasant illustrator, and all-round creative genius, who I’ve been lucky enough to have working on my stuff right from the start (check out his website here). The results were even more awesome as I was expecting!

The first two were released over the last couple of months, and the final part has just gone live today, so now the story can be watched in its entirety. All three are embedded below – ┬áhope you enjoy them…

1: If You Go Down To The Woods…

2: The New Recruit

3: In At The Deep And Snowy End

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