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  • July19th

    Behold, the paperback cover for Department 19: Zero Hour, the fourth and penultimate installment in the series. As you can see, it follows the new style that we established when we redesigned the first three paperbacks in 2013, and I couldn’t be more delighted with it – it hints at aspects of the story of Zero Hour, but more importantly, it (hopefully!) conveys the atmosphere of the latest book – dark, frightening, and foreboding.

    Zero Hour PB FINAL

    The paperback of Zero Hour will be published in January 2015 in the UK and the English-language export markets, and shortly afterwards in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.

    Now – over the last month or so, I’ve had a lot of readers asking me when Zero Hour will be published in the USA – it’s taken a while to get the information confirmed, because we’ve changed American publishers for the fourth and fifth books, from Razorbill to HarperCollins, but I’ve now got the provisional information. Things may change, as always, but as of right now, the plan is as follows.

    Department 19: Zero Hour will be published in both physical and ebook editions in the US in January 2015.

    I know that’s later than previous installments, but I’m afraid that there was simply nothing I could do to speed it up. The good news is that Department 19: Darkest Night will be published in the USA next summer, either on the same July date as the UK edition or very VERY soon afterwards. I’m very pleased that it will be the fastest that we’ve ever managed to published a D19 novel in the States – I’ve been working as hard as possible to try and ensure that everybody gets the last book in the series as close to simultaneously as is humanly possible.

    I’ll do updates as I get more details, but for now, and as always, thanks for reading and for your endless enthusiasm for the series – I’m humbled by it all.


  • June5th

    Zero Hour

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    Department 19: Zero Hour is published in the UK today. The links are below. And all I want to say is a huge thank you to everyone who has read the series so far, and have sent me messages telling me they were looking forward to the new one – it makes everything worthwhile, and I hope you enjoy it now it’s finally here.

    Now all that’s left is Darkest Night


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  • May27th

    @smartestgiantintown is one of my oldest friends (I’ve known him for more than two decades – yes, I’m old) and a hugely talented graphic designer and video animator/editor – see more of his work and get in touch with him HERE. He produced these covers for the Department 19 series last month, and they are just absolutely STUNNING. They need no further commentary from me – just scroll down and bask in their glory :)

    Department 19 (Mick Watson)

    The Rising (Mick Watson)

    Battle Lines (Mick Watson)

    Zero Hour (Mick Watson)

    All images © Smart Giant Media Ltd. 2014

  • May19th

    This morning I opened a Word document, gave it a title, and started writing the last book in the Department 19 series.

    Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.17.54

    I don’t really know how I feel about it. Excited? Yep. Nervous? Definitely. Slightly daunted? As always. But this one feels a little bit different, because it’s the last time I’ll start a D19 novel. I may write more in the world of Blacklight in the future, more short stories or novellas, but as far as novels are concerned, this is it.

    The end.

    Which is what I’ll be typing at some point later in the year. Yikes.

    Wish me luck…


  • April28th

    When we decided to move Department 19: Zero Hour back by a couple of months, to give myself and my editor time to make it as good as it could possibly be, we also started talking about whether there was anything we could do to bridge the resulting gap. After all, we’d managed to get three long books out a year apart, and readers had become accustomed to getting the next chapter in the series in April each year (in the UK, at least). It would be good, we reasoned, if we could put something out around that same time, something that people could read while they were waiting for Zero Hour.

    In addition to the novels, we’d already released a trilogy of (long) short stories set in the history of Blacklight, focusing on Quincey Harker, the son of Jonathan and Mina Harker from Bram Stoker’s original novel, which we grouped together as The Department 19 Files. People seemed to like them, so when I was asked to contribute to World Book Day 2013, we put the resulting story (The Secret History Of A Teenage Vampire) out as a Department 19 File ebook as well. Only that one was free. And people definitely seemed to like that :)

    “Have you got any other stories you want to tell outside the novels?” my editor asked, when we’d finally finished the second draft of Zero Hour. “Funny you should say that…” I replied.

    As a result, I’m delighted to announce that on the 8th May we’re publishing The Second Birth Of Frankenstein, an all-new ebook short story (well, I say short – it’s about 11,000 words!) that is entirely FREE to anyone who wants to download it. Here’s the cover…


    It’s (mostly) set in 1816, in the wilderness that is now north-eastern Canada but was then called British North America, although it also takes place in the Arctic Sea and on a dock at the port of Dover. There is snow, freezing cold, punishing hardship, blood, death, and something that moves through the endless forest, something that the First Nations have a word for, a word rarely spoken out loud.

    And at the centre of it all is a man with no name. A giant of a man, with grey-green skin and a body covered in scars. A man who has tried to escape the horrors of his past, only to find new ones waiting for him in the north…

    I’m hugely proud of this story (my editor thinks it might be the best thing I’ve written, which is always nice to hear!). I pitched it as ‘a locked room mystery horror written by Jack London’, which was ambitious, to be fair :) But I hope I’ve been able to at least get somewhere close to the spirit of a writer who is one of my absolute favourites.

    The story is available for pre-order now – I hope you enjoy it, and that it helps tide you over until Zero Hour (which we’re also doing some exciting digital stuff with – click HERE for the details). I probably wouldn’t read this one after dark, but maybe that’s just me…



    The Second Birth Of Frankenstein (I’ll update as and when more come online)

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    The Secret History Of A Teenage Vampire

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    The original trilogy of Department 19 Files (which are NOT free, just in case anyone clicks BUY without checking!):

    The Devil In No Man’s Land: 1917

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    Undead In The Eternal City: 1918

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    The New Blood: 1919

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